Knowing jesus

Next Steps, Knowing Jesus is a four week journey that equips you with healthy Christian Foundations & gives you the opportunity to know more about Jesus. Each session is 30 minutes short, and will help you read the bible, understand the Holy Spirit & give you an opportunity to ask all the hard questions. Week One always falls on the first Sunday of the month.

All four sessions will start off with a basic explanation of what the gospel message is, what baptism means and will give each person an opportunity to ask about their decision to follow Christ.

Each individual session is paired with strong Christian theology and a practical 'how to' guide on frequently asked questions regarding prayer, generosity and reading the bible.

Childcare is available for parents with kids, please register your children for Vision Kids and let a teacher know that your child will be staying during your session of Next Steps, Knowing Jesus. 

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What you can expect

Session one

first Sunday of the month

In session one we will be looking at how to develop an intimate and alive relationship with God. We'll also be discovering together how to read our bibles to live effective lives, and learn how the bible can be read and understood daily.


Session three

third Sunday of the month

Understanding The Holy Spirit doesn't have to be hard. We are going to unpack why we need The Holy Spirit and the power He gives us to be influential where-ever we go. Session three will also help us to see God's perspective when it comes to true generosity.


Session TWO

second Sunday of the month

Session two explores the variety of authentic ways we can share our faith with others and why it's an important part to keeping our faith alive. We will take a closer look at how Jesus prayed and how we can pray with the same effectiveness and desire.


Session FOUR

FOURTH Sunday of the month

We all desire to make an eternal difference and to leave a legacy for the next generation. In session four we will be taking a look at eternity, heaven and how to live well now so that our families can live well in the future.