1st July - 21st july

In week three of our 21 days of Prayer & Fasting we will be gathering across our cities at various times to pray in small groups. Our focus will be praying for the seven pillars of society, the areas that transcend all cultural & economic backgrounds as well as the areas of our church that we believe God has graced us to reach.

Please select the pillar you would like to pray for, fill out the time you will be available to do.

Each prayer gathering will last 30 minutes and will consist of a small walk around particular streets or locations. Each prayer leader will equip you with a prayer guide to pray through and where appropriate pair you up with a prayer partner.


Government Pillar: The development & distribution of law, power & authority.
Let's pray for our local and national government, army & local enforcement that they would exercise wisdom, make moral based decisions, and lead our city & nation in a way that glorifies God. Pray that as a church we would empower Christians among us who feel called to government to do so with integrity, and that as a church we would influence this pillar to bring change and godliness. We bless our Mayor and pray for favour on his life and his family, as well as the Councillors who represent our cities.

Only Monday - Friday: Bethany's Cafe, The Square

7am Only


Media Pillar: The distribution of culture, current affairs & truth.
Let's pray for our local and national Media Sector. Pray that biases against Christianity & Churches would be exposed, and that Christians would take the opportunity to influence TVNZ, Radio & Newspaper Outlets. Pray for continuation of net neutrality, & for those spreading the gospel online through podcasts, christian channels, radios would find funding and favour. We will also pray that as a church we can reach and influence many through our website, social media and that in the future we would develop magazines, radio shows and channels that help families and young people find truth and solace in a now sexualized and liberal pillar.

Monday - Wednesday: UCOL Carpark - 30 minute prayer walk
 Thursday - Friday: The Stadium, Pascal Street

 7am Only


Education Pillar: The development of minds & beliefs.
We are praying for revival at our tertiary & high-school institutions within Palmerston North & New Plymouth. We believe that the answer to a Godly society starts with these students, the future leaders & family units of our country. These students are being developed in their thinking and world views, and we pray that among the secularism & mental health pressures that they are able to not just stand the course of their education but influence their classes, lectures and teachers for Jesus.

7am Monday - Friday: Massey (Behind the library, in the car-park)
12pm Monday - Friday: UCOL (UCOL Car-park - Between King & Queen Streets)
6pm Monday - Thursday: IPU (Rendezvous Restaurant Car-park)
7am Tuesday Cornerstone TBC

6pm Freyberg Highschool TBC


Business & Science Pillar: The gathering & distribution of knowledge & resource.
We pray for more Christians to find favour amongst their working environment much like the life of Joseph (Genesis 39:2) who found favour with God and his boss. We also pray for Christians to have entrepreneurial ideas and businesses that provide resources for the Kingdom of God, their families & their legacies. Together we'll pray for our local business sector and economy to do well & prosper, and that in turn the wealth & health of our land would increase. We pray that Palmerston North and New Plymouth would be thriving & diverse cities and become known as a entrepreneurial business hub.

Monday - Friday: Sublime Coffee Car-parks on Cuba
7am Only


Arts, Entertainment & Sport: The development of culture.
In a self-obsessed, sex & money driven pillar we pray for Christians to have the edge & to influence unashamedly arts, entertainment & sport. We pray that Christians would find favour in theatre, fashion, design, sport, acting and other areas of this pillar to bring change and give young people role models who are not driven by image or notoriety.

Monday - Wednesday: UCOL Carpark - 30 minute prayer walk
Thursday - Friday: The Stadium, Pascal Street

7am Only


Vision Church NZ: Know Jesus, Find Freedom, Discover Purpose, Make a Difference
In this pillar, we will be praying for our three locations of influence. Palmerston North, New Plymouth & Pahiatua. We will be praying that we would see Palmerston North continued growth & salvations, for New Plymouths Launch team and upcoming interest nights, and for more leaders to develop in Pahiatua.

7am  Monday - Friday  - Porkchop Hill
12pm Tuesday & Wednesday Only - The Lounge to skype in Ps Sam & Alison

6pm Wednesday Only - Pahiatua (New World)


Family : The health and stability of society & culture
Let's pray for our current ministries that are bringing an answer to the family pillar: Vision Kids, Alphabet Academy, Lifehouse Homes & Youth Services, The Kitchen, Conquerors, Men's & Women's Ministries. Pray for more influence in these areas, and financial favour & breakthrough for all of them.

No prayer MONDAY

7am Tuesday - Friday: The Lounge
12pm Thursday Only: The Lounge
6pm Tuesday - Thursday: The Lounge