Next steps

Next Steps is a four week journey where you can discover the gifts and calling that God has for your life. Whether you are new to faith, or have grown up in church; Next Steps is for everyone.

Step one kicks off on the first Sunday of every month in the lounge next to the cafe but you can jump in at any week.

All of our sessions are 35 minutes with food, coffee & childcare available.


What you can expect

Session one

first Sunday of the month

Session one will help you experience the heart & soul of who we are here at Vision. It will also answer any questions you may have about our church and why we exist. You will find out more about our Vision, and what it means to really know Jesus.


Session two

second Sunday of the month

Discover your purpose! This session is designed as a workshop for you to find out how God created you and what for. You will take a personality test, and a spiritual gifts test that will be a starting point to understanding God's call on your life.



session three

third Sunday of the month

Leadership is simply this; influence. Learn how to develop your influence in this session to make an impact in your every day life.


session four

Fourth SUnday of the month

We all desire to make a difference in this life. This session is another workshop & an opportunity to meet our team leaders & pastors who are making a difference across our city.